Hess-Tech Ltd. was founded in 2020 as a supplier of reliable and innovative products to the Marine, industry and Hospitality sector  by Mr. Henrik Hessleklint and his wife, Mrs. Lena Hessleklint.

Mr. Hessleklint has more than 35 years experience from various technical positions onboard a variety of ships. Most recently Mr. Hessleklint served as a Technical Superintendent for a major cruise ship operator.

Mrs. Hessleklint has extended experience in the healthcare sector as a nurse working in various departments including the ER.
Mrs. Hessleklint is also a diploma CBT Counsellor.

Hess-Tech Ltd. takes pride in their work and strives to always give the best available service and support to our customers.
We are here to provide you with the right parts for the right price.
Rest assured that we always do whatever is possible to keep our customers happy.
"A happy customer is the best PR"

We are looking forward to let you know and to get you as a valuable customer. Welcome to the Hess-Tech family.