Washable Turbine & Panel filters
  • Washable Turbine Air filters - Keep you Charge Air Cooler (CAC) clean with durable washable filters. Washable Turbo charger air filters made from tough thermo-bonded synthetic media and pleated to increase the surface area by up to 600% to handle dirt loading. The filter media is supported both sides by mesh for strength and rigidity and long life. Each filter comes with a manometer. Recommended by MAN. These filters has many benefits: Keeps the CAC clean and the dirt on the outside of the engine, CAT and Cummins rarely clean the CAC - because they have air filters ● Quick payback and substantial savings from increasing fuel costs due CAC’s getting dirty. ● Ensures peak performance by maintaining Scavenge Pressure and protects against burnt exhaust valves ● Supplied with a manometer and fully washable with standard engine room cleaners ● A long life environmental product.
  • TPro Panel filters - Tpro Panel filter media is washable, reversible and pleated to handle dirt loading then further encapsulated in polypropylene that supports the filter media for long life. Designed for marine air filtration in 316 Stainless steel ● Pleated for increased surface area and dirt loading ● Fully washable and reversible ● Incredibly tough thin filter media encapsulated in stainless or polypropylene ensures dirt cannot be trapped within the material so it rinses off easily ● Purpose built for engine room intakes, fan rooms, alternators, generators, motors, air conditioning etc. 

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