+GF+ Marine piping systems

+GF+ Marine piping systems

Complete range of products for all applications and systems onboard:

Fresh cold and hot water

Effective water supply thanks to a simple installation technology. Our systems are ideally suited for drinking water distribution on all types of ships. Cabins, kitchens, restaurants, and bars are efficiently supplied with fresh water. 

Sewage, black and grey water

Wastewater from sinks and showers, as well as from toilets and medical facilities, creates grey and black water that has to be conveyed safely to the wastewater treatment system on board. With the solutions from GF Piping Systems, safe transport is guaranteed. Our modern electrofusion, adhesive or mechanical jointing technology is conducive to fast installation

Ballast water treatment

Stabilizing systems with ballast water tanks are essential for safe and efficient shipping operations. However, due to the high level of marine organism ballast, water treatment on ships is required to prevent serious ecological or health effects. With its wealth of experience in water treatment, media filtration, dosing and chemical conveyance, GF Piping Systems offers various innovative solutions for ballast water treatment applications on ships.

Ballast system

Air conditioning

Exhaust gas scrubber

+GF+ marine piping systems has many benefits:

Maximum corrosion resistance - Special fittings and prefabrication - No condensation - 40% less noise generation compared to metal systems - Fireproof drainage systems - Flexible and fast installation - Welded joints guarantee no leakage or pressure drop over entire lifespan - Long system lifetime, at least 25 years - Reduced maintenance costs due to low corrosion - Low heat transmission reduces CO2 output - Highest chemical and seawater resistance - Lower carbon footprint compared to metal piping systems

Non-corrosive system solutions

Our plastic systems cover all fluid applications onboard and remain non-corrosive for the entire service life of the ship (at least 25 years). You do not need to worry about leaks or severe accidents due to corrosion damage anymore and can concentrate on your daily business.

More efficiency on board

Plastic systems are up to 60 percent lighter than metallic solutions. This weight reduction makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase load capacity. New areas and sales opportunities become accessible. Better, durable insulation helps increase efficiency by reducing cooling and heating losses.

Safety and hygiene

Our drinking water solutions reduce the risk of bacterial pathogens in the cabins. In contrast, the cooling solutions increase passenger comfort and preserve food items in the warehouses, kitchens, and restaurants onboard. They protect the health of your passengers and the reputation of the company.

Persistently efficient

Our systems remain free of rust, incrustations, and deposits throughout the entire service life of the ship. They resist chemical stresses, such as chlorine disinfection of the drinking water system, quickly and permanently.

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