Safety, Security & Health

We are proud to have Baltic Life jackets in our product portfolio. Baltic is a Swedish company founded 1977 and are today represented in more than 50 countries world wide.

The Baltic range is highly comprehensive, and we are proud to say that we have a lifejacket or buoyancy aid for everyone even your four-legged family members too. Within our range we offer generic buoyancy aids for an array of water sports; for dinghy sailors, kayakers, canoeists, and those who SUP, to the competitive yacht racers or Superyacht crew, we not only have a style to suit but a wide colour selection too.

For the commercial operations we have a dedicated range of M.E.D./SOLAS inflatable and inherently buoyant Lifejackets which remain compact and easy to wear. There are added features including PVC outer covers that provide high resistance to flame, oil, mould and UV-light plus lifejackets, plus up to 305N buoyancy to overcome the negative forces of heavy industrial clothing.

In addition to the lifejackets and buoyancy aids, we offer a range of floatation clothes, safety harnesses lines, lifebuoys, life slings and accessories and spare parts.

If you get excited about disruptive innovation, then you’re in the right place! Our partner, Martek Marine exists to revolutionize ship safetyperformance and crew welfare. Martek Marine has been doing it since 1999 and supplied over 30,000 shipsets of equipment with more than $100million sales to date. The world’s major ship operators trust these products to keep their ships/crew safe and improve their performance. We can do the same for you! 

Our products:

- Portable gas meters.    Single clip, Marine 4, Marine 5 and the revolutionary model Triple-C which doesn't require any calibration!

- Defibrillator (AED).    LifeForce AED, Marine approved and the worlds simplest AED to use on the market.

- Alcohol tester.     Alco XS, pre-calibrated and meets all regulations.

- Personal locator beacons.     

- Legionella test kit.    Legionella Max, the most reliable kit in the market

- Sewage effluent test kit.   

- Potable water test kit. 

- Hatch cover testing.    Hatchtite, easy to use and approved by ABS, insurers and P&I clubs.

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