• Fast & simple calibration ‘Bump’ tests detectors in thirty seconds • Creates tamper-proof calibration certificates acceptable to Port State Control & Oil Majors • Uses minimum amount of gas necessary - Saves money on wasted gas from manual testing

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The MED approved ABC TM system delivers on-board

automatic and fail-safe calibration and bump testing

of your detectors during re-charging. The equipment

automatically generates a tamper-proof serial number,

specific calibration certificates which are free from

human intervention and error.

If you had the ABC TM system you would be able to

calibrate and maintain equipment on-board without

the need to send ashore. This means you save on

unnecessary calibration costs and you will only use

the exact amount of gas required to calibrate your

gas detectors.

Never wait for onshore certification again: you’ll be

able to produce instant, verifiable, tamper-proof

certificates at any time at the touch of a button.

Take the headache away from inspections and

self-certificate your gas detection equipment

whenever you need.