NO CALIBRATION, NO CHARGING, NO COSTS • Features cutting-edge infrared sensor technology – immune to sensor poisoning and drift • The only portable gas detector designed with 3 years of battery life • No need to charge the unit • Requires no maintenance, servicing or sensor replacement • MED Approved (MED 0575/21) • Lifetime warranty • Any crew member can operate Triple-C

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The revolution is here… From Zone 0 to inert

atmospheres, the TRIPLE-C is always charged,

and always calibrated ready to detect anywhere at

any time.

The TRIPLE-C rivals existing gas detectors with

its innovative 3-year battery life and cutting-edge

infrared technology which removes the need to

calibrate, meaning no unproductive maintenance

breaks and no expensive sensor replacement. If

your company requires calibration it can be quickly

completed using the optional calibration station.

This all-in-one solution guarantees compliance and

reduces risk whilst saving time and money - all at

the touch of a single button. You’ll never go back

after using the TRIPLE-C. Revolutionise your gas

detectors today.

The TRIPLE-C is designed for easy compliance with the following legislation:

  • IMO Regulation XI-1/7 – Atmosphere testing instrument for enclosed spaces in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
  • MSC Resolution A. 1050(27) – ‘Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships’
  • ExxonMobil MESQA 2010 Requirements Ready


Certifications and Approvals

  • MED 0575
  • Atex / IECXe
  • CSA