There are a range of accessories for the Triple-C. Please see additional information down below for more info.

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Docking Station: Portable, chargeable all-in-one

docking station in durable carry

case for automated 4-detector

simultaneous bump testing, calibrating,

record keeping and programming.

GCT IR Link: Infrared communications device

and USB cable used for communications

between detector and

computer to easily make firmware

updates, adjust detector settings

and record data.

External Dust Filter Kit:

External dust filter cap plus 5 filters.

External Dust Filter Replacements:

10 pack of replacement external


Hand Aspirator Kit: 1 ft. Sampling Probe, Air Stone

Particulate Filter,

TRIPLE-C Calibration Cap, 10ft.

Sampling Hose and 3 ft. Calibration/

Test Hose connected to Hand

Aspirator Pump Assembly.

Sampling Hose: 1/8” ID tubing sold by the foot.

Span Gas (58L): FCG21050 Gas 25ppm H2S,

100ppm CO, 2.5% CH4, 18%O2/

N2 (58L).

Regulator: FCG00715 Regulator C10 Valve

0.5LPM fixed flow regulator for

manually bump testing or calibrating.